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            首页 > N6470012Marathon灯丝(PerkinElmer)N6470012Marathon灯丝(PerkinElmer)



            • 产品说明
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            适用于 PerkinElmer 气相色谱/质谱联用系统的新型 Marathon 灯丝

            产品号:   N6470012

            The new Marathon Filament is revolutionary, patent-pending technology developed exclusively by PerkinElmer® GC/MS systems, delivering long life even under the most difficult chromatography conditions.

            It is a direct replacement of the previous rhenium filament - no system changes required

            At PerkinElmer, we understand your challenges and are committed to providing the best solutions to make your life easier - the new Marathon Filament is part of our ongoing efforts to deliver the latest technology for our PerkinElmer GC/MS platform.


            • Long life even under the most difficult chromatography conditions
            • Unique white surface engineered for maximum durability and optimum performance
            • Now included with all new Clarus GC/MS systems (560 and 600 series)
            • Backward compatible with all units using rhenium filaments
            • Works with both Electron and Chemical Ionization sources

            For more information, view the webcast

            The Marathon filament cannot be used on original TurboMass "Classic" systems using tungsten filaments, which have not been modified to use rhenium. TurboMass "Classic" customers can continue to order the tungsten filament - part no. E6400209. Consult with your PerkinElmer sales representative for current trade-in opportunities to upgrade TurboMass "Classic" customers to the latest Clarus GC/MS systems.

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